The Atlas platform operates as the primary hub for deploying AI agents within the Hybrid ecosystem. It offers users the flexibility to either select from a range of pre-configured AI agents or customize their own by choosing from various base models and fine-tuned versions. This versatility supports a wide range of applications, fostering innovation and adaptability in AI solutions.

Model Selection and Customization

Users can engage in the selection and customization of models on the Atlas platform. This process includes:

  • Model Selectors: Users choose from a variety of base models depending on their specific requirements.

  • Customizers: Users can fine-tune models to better suit specific tasks, enhancing the model's effectiveness. Participants who contribute to model selection and customization are rewarded when their configurations are utilized, encouraging the sharing of effective AI solutions.

Integration with Blockchain

Atlas is deeply integrated with the blockchain, leveraging its capabilities to enhance operational efficiency and user experience. Key features include:

  • Web3 Copilot: Atlas acts as a blockchain copilot, facilitating seamless interaction with on-chain data and services. This integration allows for the sophisticated use of account abstraction, enhancing the functionality of deployed AI agents.

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