$HYB Coin

Hybrid's native coin, $HYB, functions as the core currency within the Hybrid ecosystem. This EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain utilizes $HYB primarily for transaction processing, network incentivization, and governance participation, ensuring smooth operations in all

Purpose of $HYB

1. Transaction Fees: $HYB is used to pay for transaction fees within the Hybrid network. This includes payments for executing smart contracts, processing transactions, and accessing AI models and data stored on the network.

2. Incentivization: $HYB serves as a reward mechanism within the Hybrid ecosystem. Node operators, including Storage Node Runners and Validators, earn $HYB for their contributions to network security, data storage, and processing capabilities.

3. Governance: Holders of $HYB have governance rights, allowing them to participate in decision-making processes that influence the development and operational guidelines of the Hybrid network. This includes voting on proposals for upgrades, changes in protocol, and the allocation of community resources.

4. Staking: $HYB can be staked by holders to participate in network validation as part of the consensus mechanism. Staking $HYB helps secure the network by aligning the incentives of $HYB holders with the health and performance of the blockchain.

Economic Design

$HYB is designed to ensure a balanced economic model that supports both growth and stability within the Hybrid ecosystem. The tokenomics are crafted to promote long-term participation, network security, and equitable distribution of incentives. The initial allocation of $HYB is distributed among developers, early investors, node operators, and a reserve for future ecosystem development and growth.

Use in the Ecosystem

$HYB is not just a medium of exchange within the Hybrid platform but also a utility token that enables users to access a variety of services. This includes deploying and utilizing AI models, purchasing computational resources, and engaging with decentralized applications (DApps) built on the Hybrid blockchain.

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