Executive summary

As the popularity of AI-driven companies like OpenAI & Mistral has exploded, the practical application of integrating with blockchain, or Web3, remains complex and technically challenging. While tools like ChatGPT have opened the door to basic AI functionalities, creating truly effective applications that merge AI with blockchain requires deep technical expertise. This complexity is a significant barrier, deterring many from developing applications that fully exploit the synergy between AI and blockchain technologies.

In response to this challenge, Hybrid has crafted a solution that simplifies the integration of AI with blockchain. Our platform utilizes a Mixture of Experts (MoE) framework within an Ethereum-based Layer 2 blockchain, enabling both developers and businesses to easily create and manage AI models and decentralized applications. This reduces the need for extensive coding knowledge or deep understanding of blockchain details, making sophisticated AI applications more accessible.

To demonstrate the capabilities of our platform, we have developed Atlas, the first AI Agent on Hybrid. Atlas showcases the seamless integration of AI into the blockchain, providing a powerful example of how users can deploy intelligent applications without the traditionally required technical barriers. This not only democratizes access to blockchain and AI technologies but also enhances their functionality, opening up a world of possibilities for industries like finance, healthcare, and supply chain management, where the combined strength of AI and blockchain can be fully leveraged.

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